Facial Rejuvenation

We all love the feeling of pristine, balanced, refreshed skin. This medical-style facial gives skin a pore-by-pore cleaning to help clear up clogging and breakouts while preventing new incidents and improving skin’s overall look and feel.

Part One: Cleansing and Custom Analysis
First our aestheticians will cleanse and analyze your skin in order to advise you on your ideal course of treatment and daily skincare regimen.

Part Two: Steaming
You relax as your skin is gently steamed to soft perfection and oil and impurities are loosened prior to extractions.

Part Three: Extractions
You will be given a relaxing heated hand treatment and warm neck roll to enjoy while your extractions are gently performed with a medical comedone extractor.

Part Four: Mask or Cool Compress and Custom Skincare Application
Your immaculately purified skin is soothed with a mask or cool compress before a custom application of skincare and sunscreen.

The power of these four steps together lies in their ability to leave pores immaculate, your skin enhanced, and you feeling refreshed inside and out.

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