Facial Rejuvenation

We are all looking to regain that beautiful glow of firm, soft, radiant skin. This treatment is designed to clean below skin's surface, clear away its dull, dry, damaged outer layers, and plump and hydrate the new skin that is revealed.

Part One: Cleansing and Custom Analysis
First our aestheticians will cleanse and analyze your skin in order to advise you on your ideal course of treatment and daily skincare regimen.

Part Two: Custom Chemical Peel or Microdermabrasion
Depending upon your individual needs, we determine whether a Peel or Microdermabrasion is the right next step. The goal of this treatment is to remove the dry and dead layers that dull skin's appearance and inhibit moisture retention while stimulating renewal. The radiant new skin that is revealed is ready to soak up moisture and fill in the small lines that contribute to the look of aging.

Part Three: Signature Facial
Facial steaming followed by gentle extractions with a medical comedone extractor effectively removes the build-up of oil and impurities below skin's surface.

Part Four: Moisture Mask Treatment
The final step to glowing, age-defying skin is our exclusive moisture mask treatment including moisture-boosting humectant serums and anti-fatigue cream from Trish's renowned skincare collection combined to hydrate skin while helping it attract and retain maximal moisture.

This unique marriage of treatments reveals radiant new skin and stimulates renewal while setting the stage to attract moisture and keep skin better hydrated over time: revitalizing and replenishing skin back to its original youthful glow.

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